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Computer security software – How to keep your computer safe

I feel that we have become way too comfortable with our computers. Many of us don’t realize just how vulnerable they are. We store our entire lives on these machines that are constantly targeted. I have put together a few things that I do to keep my computer and my information safe.

It is important for us to stay safe. We have become so blinded to the dangers that plague the online world. The digital world is a beautiful place and we should be able to enjoy it without being exploited, robbed, scammed or taken advantage of.

My main goal here is to help you find the security that you and your family deserves. I don’t want you to have to pay some tech hundreds of dollars to fix your computer or to loose your valuable information and data. I want you to stay safe and protected.

Below are some of the best solutions I have found that offer amazing security. I hope you find it useful. Please let me know what you think  below….


Passwords – Under lock and key….

Strong password

Passwords play a vital role in security. I know of many people who will use their birthday or digits from their social security number for EVERYTHING. Yes, this is convenient because they will never loose their password but it also leaves them open to exploitation.

I try to make unique passwords at least 8 digits with numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters. This makes it very hard for anyone to access any of my accounts or my systems. If you are worried about forgetting them you can keep them in a safe or any safe place.

Little things like passwords protect our identities. We have our entire lives on our systems. It is wise to keep them under lock and key! In my research I found that Keeper Password Manager was a great way to stay secure.

For this, Keeper Password Manager is amazing. If you choose to take your protection to the next level, Keeper will generate impenetrable passwords for you. It works with Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Edge. Take a look here and tell me what you think,


Keeper password manager

Firewall – close the doors!



On modern computers a firewall should be set up by default but it is important to know that it is working. Your connection is traveling through a port. Imagine having many doorways between your computer to the internet and vise versa.

A firewall is designed to hide these doors from prying eyes. If your ports are left in the open, anyone with the right software can access your personal data or even gain control of your computer. If you would like any info on firewall settings, please feel free to contact me.

To do a simple firewall check, open your start menu and type in check firewall status. Or you can use a website like ShieldUp which will benignly target your computer to check for vulnerabilities.

They also provide a service called perfect password which generates unique password to help secure your connections. I don’t recommend allowing just any website the permission to target your computer, but I do feel that ShieldUp is legit.

There are also hardware firewalls such as Firewalla. These devices are top of the line defense. This is a complete cybersecurity setup. It will detect new devices trying to connect to your network, abnormal uploads and monitor gaming.

This will protect all of the devices on your home network or even on a business network. It is highly effective and will keep you safe.

You can even download Open VPN (virtual private network) which will allow you to connect to public WiFi through it when you away from home. The great thing about this is, you will be protected and never have to pay a subscription. This is protection at a whole new level! Take a closer look here,




Malicious intent – virus protection and removal

Protect yourself

With so many viruses out there it is essential to be protected. They are everywhere. So how do we keep them out of our lives? For many years I have trusted and recommended Malwarebytes anti malware.

It is a very powerful tool and has never, in my last 15 years, let me down. It is highly effective at removing even the toughest problems.

If you are interested in the ultimate protection for your computer I highly recommend Malwarebytes anti-malware. It is inexpensive and I have yet to find any other program that offers the kind of security that they do.

If you choose Malwarebytes premium you won’t need an antivirus. Remember that the free version is simply a very good a removal tool, nothing more or less. But this is the total package. You can set it, then forget it.

Here are a few things that Malwarebytes will protect you from. Malware, software that has malicious intent (malicious software). Ransomware will lock your computer so a hacker can extort money from you.

Spyware can monitor your usage, keystrokes and even steal information from your hard drive. Viruses will infect your computer and can harm or destroy it. It also protects you from exploit attacks.

It is essential that you keep a tool like malwarebytes on your computer. If you don’t want to pay or can’t afford the premium I highly urge you to use the free version. Like I said, it is only a removal tool, but it will remove almost any harmful software!

This is my #1 recommendation to securing your computer. I tell everyone I know about this product.

Here is a link if you are interested.

Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download



If you are not able to open Malwarebytes on your PC, a virus might be keeping it from running. All you have to do in this case is press control, shift and escape together which will open task manager. Then try to locate the malicious program, right click on it and end process tree.




Scams and spam – Don’t be deceived

Internet scams

Scammers have created very lucrative professions preying on the kind hearted and people looking for help. I am sure that at least one person in your life has been taken advantage of.

The good thing is that most of these scams are nothing original. They use, successfully, the same tired lines and guises. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for.

Remote access- many scammers claim to be from “windows support” asking you to log onto a site to download a program so they can access your computer. These people will dig around your computer until they find your banking info or they will lock you out of your computer until you pay them to fix it. (SYSKEY is a command they us to give them the power to set a system password.)

Buying online- There are two things you can look for to assure you can trust a site and do business with them. If you look to the top address bar you should see https:// (hyper text transfer protocol secure), and a green padlock ensuring a secure connection as you see above.

If you get a phone call about a security breach HANG UP. If you come to a website that locks your screen asking you to call a number for assistance press control, shift and escape, click on your browser then end process tree.

Phishing- Phishing(fishing) emails are sent to many people luring them to a lookalike site. They create sites that resemble banks, credit card companies or other trusted parties and trick them into giving up their information.

Working online- This is the age of the internet. We are connected to billions of people online. There are many legitimate ways to earn a full time income online. However, there are many people who use this to deceive people.

Be wary of any guarantee that you will make money, or promise to make you rich. Don’t get me wrong, you can make plenty of money online but it comes with effort and learning. ANYONE can do this is a lie. Anyone willing to put in the time to learn and act definitely can make money online.

Email- It is wise to only open attachments from people you trust. And not even then if it is forwarded. I’m sure that your mother would not intentionally infect your computer, but if she opened an attachment which promised her fame or fortune she might wish to share it with you. And you can’t always tell when your computer has become infected.

Any unsolicited email involving you sending cash to receive a lump sum of money is definitely a scam. They also like to say that you have money in an account waiting for you, someone sent you a gift card (then ask for you to fill out a survey collecting your info).

$172 billion was stolen from consumers by hackers in 2017 according to Norton. I hope that you don’t end up a statistic of 2018.



Protect yourself – It is not hard Or expensive…..

you are not alone


You can’t trust in anyone else to keep you safe online. I know that the online world is scary. But if you take a few precautions you will have nothing to worry about…..

There are people out there that value your privacy and security. I am one of them. I am here if you have any questions or if there is anything I could do to help you find the security and piece of mind that you deserve.

I hope that this has shed some light on the dangers out there, and more important, how easily they can be avoided. There is much more to discuss on this issue. If you didn’t find what you were looking for here please try these free programs. They are efficient and will give you some protection as long as you run them often, Avira and Malwarebytes free versions.

I want to help in any way I can. We are in this together! Remember that I am here for you. If you have any questions about how to install or use these programs, feel free to comment below or reach me at the email posted below. And please comment below and let me know how I am doing?



Best of luck,


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