What is a Phishing Scam? Don’t become a victim!!!

Phishing and Pharming are a huge part of the cybercrime world. It all started with “The Nigerian Prince”. An urgent message out of nowhere that claims that some government official or member of a royal family needs help to transfer large amounts of cash, sound familiar? This scam alone has generated BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Scams […]

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Cyber crime

Three types of malware – Malicious Intent…….

Malware is a genuine threat to the online world and sadly, so many people don’t even realize they are in danger. It is so easy to live in denial or to simply submit to willful ignorance. I mean there are online scammers getting rich by using the same tired lines and routines that was developed […]

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cyber security

Nord VPN – What is a VPN and why you need one….

If you are familiar with a VPN, chances are that you think they are only for criminals. Though it is true that some people try to hide their online life due to illegal activity, it is wise to guard yourself from exploitation. We as a society, have lost sight of the importance of privacy. We […]

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Best gaming computers – My top pics 2018…

There are many factors that make buying a gaming console vs a computer appealing. Cost, convenience and mobility to name a few. So, why buy a gaming PC? The most obvious reason in my books is the ability to upgrade. A console will always remain the same as the day you bought it. When you […]

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Dreams can come true

Pc parts – General break down….

It is time to dig a little deeper into how computers function. This is going to be a brief explanation as to how the hardware actually works. This article will hopefully give you a little more understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes (screens). It is a truly amazing process. It would take forever […]

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How do computurs work – Ever wonder?

So, how do computers work? This is going to sound very complex but if you just bear with me you will realize that it is really extremely simple. I must warn you that the math I am going to mention is going to be a little confusing. You will never have to understand this math. […]

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open minded

Speed up a computer for free – I think we can do that

In all my years of helping people with their computers the most common question is if I can speed up a computer for free. In many cases the answer is YES!!! There are many things that can and will affect your computers performance. This is not a one size fits all discussion however, because sometimes […]

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my pack

About Anthony

Hello everyone. I would like to welcome you all to tonypcmd. My intention here is to help people understand their technology and know how to keep their devices protected. The more we understand our technology the easier it is to protect ourselves. I strongly believe that security should not be taken lightly. We are in […]

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