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About Anthony

Hello everyone. I would like to welcome you all to tonypcmd. My intention here is to help people understand their technology and know how to keep their devices protected. The more we understand our technology the easier it is to protect ourselves.

I strongly believe that security should not be taken lightly. We are in a day and age where people make it a full time job to take advantage of people. Every day people are being exploited, cheated and robbed blind in this digital world.

We can protect ourselves, but first we need to accept that there are threats and how we can avoid them.  I feel that many people have became blinded to the dangers that surround us all…….


Who am I


Since I could remember, I have always been a gamer. I still remember the first time I opened a Nintendo box. With no idea what it was or what it would do, the excitement and wonder was intoxicating. As a child, we see the world through different eyes. We see the world for what it can be. Sadly as an adult we see the world for what it can’t be. We are bound by borders which define our existence.

In 2002, I was in a car accident that crushed my face and lacerated through my nose, through and through my sinuses. There was a 2 inch laceration and massive brain damage. But something completely amazing happened that day. I forgot. I forgot how to be tied to belief. I forgot how to limit my view.

Basically, I forgot that I was supposed to rely on others for EVERYTHING. I had to learn to walk again, to read and write, even how to tie my own shoes. But in learning all of this over again, I realized that I could learn. It became clear that I could rely on myself. Nobody had to walk for me, talk for me or tie my shoes! I could do it by myself.

Sadly, as an adult many of us forget how easy it is to learn. We are beings capable of so much yet most will blindly follow set paths. I learned that the “knowledge” I held was exactly what was holding me back. We are taught to hold onto our beliefs and to disregard anyone who opposes them.

They essentially become our prison. Society tells us that we are wise if we can regurgitate what others have said or written. But to be truly wise we must realize that our knowledge is merely a belief system. For the first time since the unwrapping of that NES, I realized that anything was possible. This is an amazing world with limitless possibilities. In order to learn we must never be tied to belief.

Albert Einstein once said, “Condemnation without investigation is the height form of ignorance.” If we wish to be truly wise, we must first realize that our beliefs are merely a perception of the world around us. It takes a wise person to realize how little they know.

We have been taught to worry. It is common for people to avoid asking questions for fear of judgement and that is truly sad. Questions left unasked will never be answered. Social creatures that we are, hide our ignorance from the world. To admit your lack of knowledge is the first and most important step to gaining it…


We are capable


Years back someone at my wife’s work offered her a computer that he was about to throw in the trash. Until then, I was completely ignorant to computers. I brought it to the Geek Squad and was told that I would have to spend $199 to fix it. Even being completely new to PC, I felt that something was wrong.

I talked to my cousin Tommy about it and over the phone he walked me through the process of fixing it. It took maybe 15 minutes of actual hands on work, then about an hour to allow the free programs he introduced to me to do their job. I was surprised how little effort was needed.

Over the next couple of years I began noticing that I was not the only one ignorant to these intriguing machines. Many people around me were spending $100s of dollars to fix their computers and were blown away by just how easy I was able to clean, upgrade and remove viruses without having to rely on others.

It important thing is to realize that we are capable of protecting ourselves. And instead of relying on others to do things for us, we can rely on those willing to teach us how to do things. Most of us have become so blind that we can’t even see when we are being taken advantage of.

We are better than this. You are better than this. There is no other person like you in the world. Our greatest technology can’t begin to compare to you.



My goal for tonypcmd


The reason I decided to start this site is to help people understand the importance of protecting their selves. Most of the people I have helped through the years had little knowledge of how to protect and maintain their devices. Somewhere along the way we have been taught to accept ignorance and powerlessness.

If an electrical outlet short out in a home, people would usually call an electrician. But if you have already replaced, let’s say, a light switch you would probably feel confident that you could replace the receptacle.

The same goes with any aspect of your life. Fear of failure comes from a lack of trust in ourselves. Nobody has ever became an expert by being an expert. They became an expert by believing in their ability to learn.

One step at a time I am breaking through my mental walls, or psychological scotoma. A scotoma generally refers to a blind spot. When you are tasked with solving a problem you feel incapable of completing, the solution will often be hidden.

Your mind will fight to keep your perception and your reality aligned. That being said, our beliefs will usually confine us, blinding us to the possibility of learning. It is possible to break these chains, however.

Knowledge is power. Truer words have not been spoken. Sadly some knowledge will shackle you giving someone else power over you.

If we merely understand that we are capable, we can break free of our confinement allowing us to learn. We can do anything that we believe. I feel it is sad that most of us feel that we must accept that we are powerless. I truly hope that I can help bring you closer to technology….


Best of luck,

Founder of tonypcmd

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